Books by Our Partners

Maximizing Board Effectiveness

by Jim Galvin | Are you frustrated during board meetings? Far too many boards are ineffective. Far too many board members are confused about their role. This book changes the conversation on governance and clarifies the confusion by organizing all boards into just three types: managing, governing, and navigating. You will learn to determine precisely which type your board is, identify pitfalls, and confidently lead the way to increasing your board’s net contribution to the organization it serves.

From The Inside Out

by Tom Okarma | From The Inside Out was written for nonprofit leaders and those that are called to make a difference. If you are driven by purpose, have a heart for your mission, and are determined to make a bigger impact in your community or the world in general, this is the book for you. Having both served as a board member, volunteer, and donor, as well as worked with many nonprofit leadership teams, top-rated author Tom Okarma takes a unique perspective on what it takes to lead successfully in the nonprofit world. Focusing on four unique elements of nonprofit management, Tom coaches you through the journey to become the leader you were meant to be.

Listening, Helping, Learning

by Mark L. Vincent | New and seasoned consultants can learn a more effective approach to leader and organizational development based on listening, helping, and learning. Rather than selling expertise to fix a problem, create results by practicing the Twelve Core Competencies of Process Consulting.

  • Understand the methods of architectural listening
  • Utilize Client-centered helping
  • Practice learning for posterity


Good Governance for Nonprofits: Developing Principles and Policies for an Effective Board

by Frederic L. Laughlin, Robert C. Andringa | Many nonprofits are reluctant to develop a policies manual, believing that it takes far too much time, effort, and expertise. But the lack of responsible policies and governance can actually end up costing an organization much more in the long run—both in reputation and in resources. Good Governance for Nonprofits is a succinct but thorough guide that will help organizations develop a board that is legally and ethically responsible and effective in advancing their needs. The authors offer a clear process for creating a policy manual to help boards apply proven standards of governance or “attributes of excellence.

Board Essentials: 12 Best Practices of Nonprofit Boards

by Dave Coleman | Bring your board together around governing essentials, and it will change your organization for the better. In a comprehensive and engaging manner, Dave Coleman presents 12 Best Practices of Nonprofit Boards that will benefit your organization’s CEO and its board of directors. Whether you need a refresher or a new start, this volume gets at the essentials, and sets the stage for thought provoking discussion and practical action. This book belongs in the hands of every one of your board members.

The Intentional Board: Why Your Board Doesn’t Work… and How to Fix It

by M. Kent Stroman | Ever feel like you’re just spinning your wheels in the boardroom? That you aren’t on the same page with other members of the board and senior staff? Do you sometimes wonder if you’re really accomplishing the purpose for which the organization was created? If so, please realize this: You are not alone! The Intentional Board was written specifically with these frustrations in mind.

Asking about Asking: Mastering the Art of Conversational Fundraising

by M. Kent Stroman | What gets in the way of your face-to-face fundraising? Can’t get “in” to see a funder? Don’t know who to ask? No time for donor calls? Fear that your prospective donor might say “no”? Ultimately, do you want board members to be more engaged in the fundraising process? Asking about Asking: Mastering the Art of Conversational Fundraising shows you how to overcome these obstacles using conversational fundraising—leading to successful one-on-one gift solicitations. Throughout the book, the board’s role in fundraising is clarified, accentuated and illustrated in ways that are easy to implement.

Break Through the ICK FACTORS of Nonprofit Leadership:
Discover Your Organization’s True Potential

by Tom Okarma | In Break Through the Ick Factors, author Tom Okarma, tackles some of the most critical issues facing nonprofits each day. These issues, or ick factors, can paralyze a nonprofit leader or board if not handled well. They can show up in the board room, and in the organization’s leadership and operations. These are the challenges that keep nonprofits from making a more significant impact. This book was written to help nonprofit leaders face challenges head-on, eliminate energy-draining problems, and focus on mission-critical work.

The Perfect Search

by Tommy Thomas, Robert C. Andringa, Nick Isbister | Recruiting chief executives for nonprofit organizations is what People Management Mid-South Partner Tommy Thomas does for a living. His fifteen years of experience in executive search and general management consulting is what makes him an expert in the field. Is he worried about giving away trade secrets in his new book, The Perfect Search? Thomas says that 25 to 30 percent of nonprofit CEO searches are outsourced; this book is for those board members who can’t or choose not to retain outside counsel.